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Carpet Shampoo

While daily carpet vacuuming does its part with the overall maintenance, it is the proper cleaning of the carpet through carpet shampoo that helps to remove the stains and deep trapped dirt. This process not only preserves its colour and texture, it also helps to extend the lifespan of the carpet.

We offer various methods of carpet shampoo, together with appropriate cleaning agents to best suit your needs. It is recommended to carry out carpet shampoo on a half-yearly basis for optimal results.

Marble/Granite Polishing

Marble and granite flooring are well-liked by architects and interior designers but they require regular maintenance to bring out their shine as these materials tend to lose their luster over time. The best solution to regain their natural gloss is to perk them up with our team of experts and their specialised polishing skills.

Trust us with your exquisite flooring and we guarantee to give them a new lease of life with a fabulous, refreshed look!

Facade Cleaning

The façade of the building can always be seen easily but is not easily cleaned without trained and certified personnels. We have a competent team of professionals to conquer the heights and surrounding elements to perform a thorough clean to preserve the aesthetic looks of your building exterior.

Cleaning your building façade yearly to remove grime and contaminants is the one of the best ways to give your building a facelift when it needs it the most.

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